Symposium Poster Submission Criteria

The content should be aimed at physicians, but may also be appropriate for residents and ancillary clinical staff.  This year we are excited to present research and clinical cases that are related to the whole person health of our community.

The Natividad Medical Center CME Committee is seeking projects that may include original clinical investigations (case reports or clinical research), quality investigations, informational presentations, or educational investigations.  Previous presentations or acceptance at similar meetings does not preclude presentation at this symposium.  Poster Session Projects do not need to have been done at Natividad Medical Center.

  • Poster may be categorized as either:
    • The Improvement Science and Research poster topic, or
    • The Ongoing Research poster topic.
  • Poster may consist of case reports, clinical studies, and/or educational exhibits.
  • Research presented in the Poster must have been conducted during the last three (3) years (since January 1, 2014).
  • Posters must be evidence-based,
  • Include evidence-based references,
  • Be free of commercial bias as defined:  information presented in a manner that might sway participants' opinions in favor of a particular commercial product which might further a commercial entity's business,
  • Be de-identified of ANY patient identifiers (HIPAA).

All final submissions must include an abstract for inclusion in our Annual Proceedings of NMC Research Symposium, a poster presentation completed in our Symposium PowerPoint (you may ask for assistance with PowerPoint from our CME Office), and a signed disclosure form.

Poster Content:

  • Poster Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction/Purpose of Research
  • Results
  • Conclusion or Summary
  • References (if any)
  • Photos and/or Graphs
  • Brief Bio (author(s))
  • Photo (author(s))
  • Audio Abstract
  • Disclosure (author(s))
  • Reflection