Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our Audience

Open to all physician specialties.  See individual activity details for target audience specifics.

Our Educational Format

The educational format for most activities will be Case Presentation with Learner Participation, Lecture with Q&A, Simulated or Live Patient, and Small Group Discussion/Roundtable.  See individual activity details for educational format specifics.

Access to our Accredited Continuing Medical Education Activities

Our Accredited Continuing Medical Education Activities are free* and open to Physicians and ancillary healthcare professionals (when so designated) in our community.

Our Accreditation

Natividad is accredited by the Institute for Medical Quality/California Medical Association (IMQ/CMA) to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

REQUIRED: To receive CME Credit, completed Activity Evaluation Forms (paper or digital) must be submitted to the CME Coordinator to receive CME Credit for all activities or to apply for CEU Credit (where applicable).records.


All Accredited Continuing Medical Education Activities are free and open to all providers except where noted "By Invitation Only."  There are no charges for these activities.

Access to our Accredited Continuing Medical Education Activities

Our Accredited Continuing Medical Education Activities are free* and open to Physicians and ancillary healthcare professionals (when so designated) in our community.


We de-identify Protected Health Information from our open Accredited Continuing Medical Education Activities. In accordance with state law and Natividad policy, all employees and business associates are required to maintain strict patient confidentiality at all times. Patient information and general medical records shall be discussed in the Hospital amongst professional staff only on a “need-to-know” basis. Such information should never be discussed in front of patients or members of the public. Legal penalties may be levied against individuals responsible for release of information and termination may be taken against employees for breach of confidentiality.

Health Information Privacy and Accountability Act (HIPAA) considers patient information which is stored here at Natividad confidential and protected if the information is about the health status of an individual. HIPAA limits the use and disclosure of this protected health information. It also gives the patient new rights with respect to their health information. Only the “minimum necessary” information can be given out in a specific situation. There are established new criminal and civil penalties for improper use and disclosure of protected health information. Now that we are storing more information electronically on computer systems, these systems are protected under HIPAA as well.

Our Policies

According to IMQ/CMA Accreditation Criteria and Policies for Continuing Medical Education (CME), Natividad maintains the following policies:

  • Commercial Grants & Exhibits
  • Cultural & Linguistic Competency
  • Disclosure & Resolution
  • Enduring Materials Policy
  • Honorarium & Reimbursement
  • Joint Providership
  • Content Validation
  • Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS)

Contact Information

Cynthia F. Johnson, CME Coordinator, 831-783-2597,

Record Keeping

NMC maintains all Accredited Continuing Medical Education Activity records according to IMQ/CME Accreditation Criteria and Policies (6 years).

NMC provides yearly transcripts for Natividad credentialed physicians only.

All non-Natividad credentialed physicians and ancillary healthcare professionals who attend and receive CME credit should request a certificate at the time of the activity for their records.

ADA Compliance

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), please call the Natividad's Medical Staff Office at (831) 783-4196 should you require special assistance.